If you would like to ask Jeanne about her speaking or consulting services -- or sign on for one of her special reports, checklists, sample documents or other materials -- or just to harangue and criticize, the best way is via e-mail:

But she can also be reached at her Arizona hide-away:



Postal address:
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LAW DAY, May 1

Remember to hug a lawyer that day!

Jeanne at Thailand Bar Association Meeting in 1991

And she really was thin ...  once ... a long, long time ago <sigh>





featured speaker...

Looking for a speaker for your next meeting or conference? One who is informative and entertaining at the same time? Jeanne Scott Matthews, one of Washington DC's leading health care policy analysts and lobbyists, is a veteran of more than 900 such presentations and brings the latest in "inside-the-beltway" analysis and insight, touched with her humor and anecdotes, all for probably a lot less than you might expect. From the woman named the "Grandmother of HIPAA" for her work in getting that landmark piece of legislation enacted in 1996 and who is credited with coining the term "Obamacare" by the New York Times and CNN, you can learn the very latest on the dysfunctional Congresscritters in Washington. For dates, fees and other information, contact Jeanne directly.


what some of her listeners have had to say...

"Thanks for speaking at the ... annual meeting earlier this week... I had heard of you (and your newsletter), but  had never actually heard you speak, and I thoroughly enjoyed your remarks. Very informative, as well as entertaining."

"I heard you speak in January ...  It was great. I'd like to receive your newsletter to stay on the cutting edge of issues. There are several things you spoke about that I am just now in June hearing through the media. I'd rather hear it first hand in a timely fashion."

"I enjoyed your presentation (and irreverent humor) at the conference in Memphis." (and from another attendee at that same meeting) "Got to see you at Memphis a couple of weeks ago, you are Great !"

"I very much enjoyed your presentation last week at the________.  Your information was valuable and presentation style fun."

I listened to you speak in ... Wisconsin. You were awesome, and I can only imagine I'm not the first person to tell you that!

And two of my all time favorites and perhaps the most meaningful compliment I've ever received:

From a waiter working a recent luncheon where I was the speaker:

"I've worked this hotel for almost 20 years, that was the best presentation I've ever heard. All of the waiters were listening."

And from a listener who should remain anonymous:

"The Friday that I heard you speak in [location deleted], I drove on to [more locations deleted] to visit my mom for the weekend. Your presentation was fresh in my head that evening when my mom and I went to a little bar close to her house for some drinks.  Needless to say, we stayed rather late and had several drinks.  We got to talking to some people at the bar and somehow the conversation turned to healthcare.  A silly little man at the bar actually had the nerve to tell me that the United States has the best healthcare system in the world!  Between the several drinks I had, and the facts from your presentation still buzzing in my head, I proceeded to set him straight....rather loudly and passionately.  Unfortunately, my mom does not feel she can go back to that bar anytime soon. I've worked in healthcare for awhile now and I feel passionate about the industry.  Hearing you speak ignites my interest even further and having facts to back up my arguments is like a gift.  However, you may need to add yet another disclaimer to your presentation.  Something like.......a passion for healthcare combined with a Jeanne Scott presentation should NOT be mixed with alcohol."

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Jeanne's Modus Operandi






she is currently speaking on these and other topics...

Repealing PPACA: From the woman who coined the term "Obamacare" ... Jeanne's updated topic title is:

"PPACA: It Really is a Big [Bleeping] Deal. Save it, Build on it, Reform it, or Kill it. You Choose"

Vice President Joe Biden was quoted as saying on the passage of the health care reform law (the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010", "PPACA"), that this was a big [bleeping] deal.  And it was ... a dramatic new direction for U.S. health care.  But since then, the law's opponents have been on the attack. Republicans swept the fall 2010 elections vowing to repeal the new law. Will they? Most polls show that with the exception of the insurance mandate provision, Americans favor the new law, especially the protections afforded against predatory private insurance companies. What will happen in 2013 and beyond? Jeanne Scott Matthews brings over 40 years of inside the beltway Washington DC experience in health care to try to shed some light on what might happen. You don't want to miss her presentation ... as whatever happens, U.S. health care will be changed forever.









The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010     Jeanne has entitled her talk: "PPACA for Dummies: Understanding the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" (derisively labeled "Obamacare" by its opponents). While Republicans have "pledged" to repeal the new law, can they really? Or is their best strategy to work with the parts of the law that Americans really like... such as health insurance reform and prohibitions on recissions and pre-existing conditions. (Never mind the huge insurance industry political contributions to GOPers). The law is to be implemented over 10 years; lots of time for mucking around in the trenches. Learn all about the death panels, killing granny and Obama's private army of doctors and nurses.


Stalemate, indecision, gerrymandering, filibustering ... political posturing, grandstanding, gaming the system .... manufactured crises, brinkmanship, budget ceilings ... the Nuclear Option ... closing down government --- Jeanne tries to bring some sanity to an insane process, with suggestions starting with the definition of the word "POLITICS" (as in health-politics) ... the art of the possible ... which means compromise, trade-offs, some wins/some losses, and actually going about the people's business ...




KILL GRANNY! Health Care Rationing for Me and Mostly You!

    PPACA (a law passed by a Democratically-controlled Congress without a single Republican vote, using an esoteric procedure called "reconciliation" to get past a filibuster, and signed by a Democratic president) builds on the 2003 "Medicare Modernization Act," a law passed by a Republican-controlled Congress without a single Democratic vote, using an esoteric procedure called "reconciliation" to get past a filibuster, and signed by a Republican president.  Both laws called for increased understanding and use of something called "comparative effectiveness" ... which is in reality just another more gracious term for "rationing."  How will we do it? We can't under any scenario, Socialist, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Tea-Partier, continue to deliver health care on the same terms we have been using. There are not enough resources, not enough enough money. Do you know your QALYs? Jeanne will tell how we can get to a system of reasonable health care "rationing," while retaining provate choice and decision-making.


Health Care Issues Up the Wahzoo

We have a laundry list of issues facing the US health care industry, from 50.7 million uninsured, another 60 million "underinsured" with unmanageable deductibles and co-pays that have made health care bills the number one cause of personal bankruptcies, to 25 million "baby-boomers" about to start flooding the Medicare program; from double-digit increases in health care costs to bioterrorism -- and everything in between. What to do, what to do. Come and see what is happening and what you may be able to do about it.
HIPAA Phases 2,3,4, and Beyond
    Think you had just about enough of HIPAA? Well think again. HIPAA phases 2, 3 and 4 are already under way. PPACA's set new health I.T. requirements for 2012 and beyond, including a standardized patient health record. Privacy protections have been beefed up and the penalties increased. Jeanne Scott wrote the first piece of HIPAA-legislation in 1989 and she's been called the "grandmother of HIPAA."  She'll be glad to tell you about what's coming next.

...and... well, let's just face it, Jeanne will speak on just about any topic you want her to speak on...

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her upcoming schedule of appearances ...

You can catch Jeanne Scott, speaking at one of these important upcoming events:




In addition to these "public" events, Jeanne is in demand for corporate and board retreats, customer educational seminars and sales meetings.  Call if you would like to have a reference on any of these.

some more from her listeners ...

"Register now for the health care event of the year! Don't miss the return of Jeanne Schulte Scott, JD, and her unique perspective on the politics of healthcare! Scott received outstanding ratings from last year's conference attendees who scored her a 4.93 on a 5.0 scale."

"For me, your presentation was the highlight of the meeting."

"You gave a brilliant presentation on HIPAA ... the best of the whole conference."

"Your presentation was fantastic!"

"As always, your presentation at our meeting in June was enlightening and very appreciated. I thank you for coming and want you to know I was told by all those attending that they really hoped you would be back in the fall!"

"You are a crowd favorite with your unique way of bringing us up to date on what's happening in the world of healthcare politics."


Did you notice how much Jeanne has aged in the various pictures on this page... see what Washington DC politics has done to her <smile>

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