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...more about Jeanne and her family....

...where she lives (when she is not in Washington DC)...

In 2003, after 31 years in Washington DC, Jeanne and her husband Bob Matthews sold their northern Virginia, "inside-the-beltway" home and established a permanent residence (as opposed to a "domiciliary") in Gold Canyon, Arizona.



After killing a couple of 100-year old saguaros, we've finally gotten a feather bush tree to prosper in our front yard.  The bougainvillea and ocotillo flourish and the pipe and pot cacti gives us our "cactus" touch. And we have a new ramada off the back. ... Wait a minute, is that snow? ... Second time in 18 years ... and after three days of rain, our golf course becomes a good-sized lake. (Yes Virginia, it does rain in the desert ... sometimes.)

Gold Canyon is about 52 miles as the crow flies mostly east by southeast of downtown Phoenix and 87miles, north by northeast of Tucson, smack dab in the middle of the Superstition Mountains, last known home of  Jacob Waltz, the "Lost Dutchman" of gold mining fame.  Folks around here tell of old codgers and grizzled treasure hunters still searching for the fabled gold mine that the old Dutchman supposedly found, but then "lost," over a hundred years ago.

... views around our home, the mountains, the desert and some wildlife

MBV Entrance


   ... entrance to MountainBrook       ... view northwest from our front yard    ... Superstition Mtn. winter wonderland     ... sunset


       the Great Haboob of 2011       Annular Eclipse 2012      Superstition Mountains Hoodoo


a recent visitor to our side yard  ... a desert rainbow  ... where's Wiley Coyote?    ... golden eagle, under our ramada     ... gila monster


       ... a momma lynx bringing dinner home to her kits          ... a boar javelina <ugh>          ... across the golf course    ... street cleaner in Mountainbrook

AND: "Gold Canyon Bob"


A large mountain lion was chasing "Bob" through the wash across from our house. They both crossed the road and the bobcat -- in desperation -- launched himself onto this huge saguaro cactus and forthwith shot up to the top to escape the lion, all of this around 7am. The mountain lion laid at the bottom of the saguaro for a bit before realizing that his attempts were futile. He turned around and walked back into the wash. "Gold Canyon Bob" -- the bobcat -- stayed treed, er cactused -- until nearly 1:00pm before he knew it was safe to come down.  He didn't seem frightened or nervous, although I am sure for a few minutes earlier, he must have been terrified. But it did give us time to capture a couple of photographs.

New Pictures of More "Friendly" Critters in our Vicinity


                    Rocky Raccoon and Stanley Skunk                 Tubby Tarantula                                 Mrs. Bob and her baby Billie Bob


            Big Horn Sheep in Nearby Telegraph Canyon    Two Baby Javelinas, Cute Now, but later ???     Harris Hawk taking flight           Bob & Mrs. Bob

...but enough about Arizona. Let's talk about Jeanne's grandkids!


      Eamon, age 9                     The Carrolls (Raptor Center, 2010)               The Carrolls (per Hannah's Cartoon)


        Santa Zoe and Selema 2012              Selema and her Violin, age 7            Determined Zoe              Selema and Moji


  Elvis (w/Skate Board)    Iris (Disneyland 2010)      Margaret Mouse (Disneyland 2010)        Elvis Surprised             Backyard Acrobatics (2012)

Guess what Margaret and Iris got for Christmas in 2012?


     College Sophomore Caitlin Sarah Carroll      Hannah's New Hair Style      Grandpuppy "Frida" with her masters      Eamon, Caitlin ... self-portrait

It wasn't REALLY Speckle with a chainsaw. But it probably would have helped.

Hannah's Cartoon Describing the Cutting of Her Hair

Hannah Before and During Her Hair Remodeling


     Caitlin, Summer Solstice 2012                    Caitlin at age 21 <sigh>            Caitlin, "Goddesses" Dance Flyer, 2013


               Iris (killer smile)                             Elvis at his computer                        Maggie (count the freckles)


           Eamon, Carowinds 2010                               Hannah and the Sunday Comics                   Zombie Hannah


      Disney Face Painting          Hollywood Starlets ???             Sophia's Hat on Elvis (see below)


   Maggie, Iris - Ballerinas               Hannah ????                  Hannah, Fashion Queen          Beautiful Caitlin


Moji, our "senior" grandpuppy, er, dog            Eamon and Zoe           Don't Mess w/Hannah at Aikido      Grandma, Iris, Margaret


          Iris Posing                 Worried Margaret? About What?   Zoe & Selema, All Dressed Up       Selema Reading to Cricket and Moji


        Zoe and Cricket      Hannah and Eamon at Hel-Con 2013

 ,,, Illuminating and Transcending the Shadow, 2012 ... in January both Caitlin and Hannah appeared in a stage show, dance and music ...


        ... Hannah, the Sinister Sheep ...                                 ... Caitlin, the Evil Step-Sister


        Selema, Zoe & Us                     Mike in his Office at Duke                      "Uncle Larry/Half Aunt Marcie"


      Maggie, Smudge Face             Elvis, the Man              Halloween 2009              Now, that's and armful


           The Carroll Kids                 Caitlin Bookworm                Grandma and Hannah                ... Sisters <smile>


                    Eamon Timeout (w/his dad)                                  



     Bob at the Rockaway (N.J.) Veterans Memorial     My favorite Bob pi       Bob and his sister Lois, her husband Jack 


Bob and Jeanne, Berkeley CA 2012        Middle Bro, Big Sis, L'il Bro ... January 2013



     Cliff Body-Painting                            Melissa                     Sophia... at Disneyland ...after a REALLY, REALLY long day

And some of our travels....


   Canyon de Chelly Cliff House (AZ) (2007)              Roman Colosseum (2008)                           Yellowstone (2005)

      Pisa, Italy (2008)                                Papa Benedictus XVI                              The Tetons (2005)

     Panama Canal (2007)             Sagrada Familia, Barcelona     Athens, the Acropolis (2009)       Alexandria, Egypt & Bob (2009)


         Alaska (2004)                       Cape Cod (2010)                   St. Thomas, USVI (2010)               Thailand (1991)


  Fortress, Old San Juan (2010)      England, Stonehenge (2011)      Rare "Sunny" Day, Brit Museum (2011)    Arecibo Observatory (2010)


Cliff, ABQ Balloon Festival   Hawai'i, Kaua'i, Waimea Canyon (2000)     Old City Jerusalem (2011)             Hong Kong (1991)


World Trade Center "Survival Tree" (2012)   Lake Luzern (Switzerland, 1984)




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